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Work Issue Counselling – Helen Mason Counselling and Associates

Work Issue Counselling

Critical Incidents and EAP

Lambton Counselling is committed to addressing barriers to worker and workplace well-being. In so doing attention is paid to the need of the workplace for productive workers while not compromising the ethical standards of The Australian Psychological Society.

Having spent some 10 years in EAP working with clients from diverse industries such as, NSW Police, RailCorp and mining companies such as Centennial Coal. Helen has extensive experience working with all manner of workplace issues. Over these years matters dealt with include:

  • Death on site and the consequent grief and loss counselling of co-workers.
  • Support following serious workplace injury with counselling during recovery to worker and co-workers throughout the injured worker’s graduated return to work.
  • Redundancies with follow-on ‘career redirection’ strategies for effected workers.
  • Counselling to workers following poor performance reviews with, for example, consequent low productivity and absenteeism.
  • Counselling to workers on personal or family matters impacting on their workplace productivity and satisfaction.

Return to Work Support

Helen has experience in RTW Counselling, Case Management, Vocational Assessments and Job Capacity Assessments.


Helen is accredited by WorkCover and respects the WorkCover mantra of achieving ‘a durable and satisfying return to work’ for worker and workplace alike. Whether the injury be physical or psychological, early intervention and return to work benefits all parties. This is best achieved by:

  • identifying functional, social and emotional barriers
  • identifying the RTW goals of the injured worker and equipping them with the necessary skills for managing their injury, adapting and adjusting to altered work capacities and for addressing any changes in their family role consequent to changes in those capacities.

Pain Management

As an adjunct to the above, Helen practises pain management strategies according to the principles of the ADAPT Program learnt on-site at Royal North Shore Hospital.