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Anger Management – Helen Mason Counselling and Associates

Anger Management

Anger is a normal emotional response when we feel we have been treated unjustly. However, it can become a conditioned, destructive response to both ourselves and others as in, for example, passive-aggression when we give the offending other the ‘silent treatment’. This is not healthy anger management as it is often destructive to ourselves and others. Similarly, anger that is not controlled but explodes into verbal or physical violence is destructive to personal and professional relationships. Learning to control and channel ‘anger’ into respectful assertive communication is the goal of Anger Management Treatment.

Healthy Anger Management –

Generally this takes 6 -10 sessions and involves:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to address the irrational and distorted thinking that often underlies uncontrolled emotional outbursts. Passive-aggression may be silent expression of frustration and/or anger but it is just as destructive to relationships and reputation as explosive physical or verbal outbursts.

The cognitive goal of CBT is to understand what is angering you and to what extent your past experience may be triggering your current frustration and/or resentment. The cognitive goal is to help you make rational sense of your current situation. The behavioural aspect of therapy will help you regulate your angry responses so that you will be able to stay with the feelings of frustration while processing what is going on and staying ‘in control’. The behavioural goal is to increase your frustration tolerance and to learn psychological strategies to enable this both for the current situation and for those that may arise in the future.dreamstime_xs_43656176 (2)